Symbolism a new International Annual of Critical Aesthetics

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Principio de Symbolism:

A New International Annual of Critical Aesthetics



Volume I Volume II Volume III

Volume I: Contents
Foreword xi
Symbolism (By Kevin L. Cope) xiii


JOHN CONSIDINE, University of Alberta

The Significance of Jellies in Early Modern England 3

JOHN VELZ, University of Texas

G. Wilson Knight Revisited: The Shakespearian Tempest and the Symbolic Interpretation of Shakespeare 21

H. HAMMERSCHMIDT-HUMMEL, University of Mainz

What did Shakespeare Look Like? Authentic Portraits and the Death Mask. Methods and Results of the Tests of Authenticity 41


European Monsters through English Eyes: Eighteenth- Century Cultural Icons 81

YASMINE GOONERATNE, Macquarie University

A Lady of the Enlightenment. Dona Isabella Cornelia Perumal of Sri Lanka 121

THOMAS KULLMANN, University of Göttingen

Defeats of Reason in the Gothic Novel: Literary and Political Discourses at the Time of the French Revolution 145

DAVID KAUFMANN, George Mason University

Two Cheers for Abstraction: Streams of Sound in Prometheus Unbound 193

ROY BOYNE, University of Durham

Meaning and Abstract Expressionism 211


‘And that now was how it was’: Politics of Memory in James Joyce’s Ulysses 233

JACQUELINE GENET, University of Caen

The Yeatsian Symbol and the Symbolists 253

ROBERT BURDEN, University of Teesside

The Symptomatic Text: Symbolisation in Psycho- analysis and Literature 305

WALTER GÖBEL, University of Saarbrücken

The State of Genre Theory or Towards an Anthro- pological Approach to Genre 327




René Gallet, Romantisme et Postromantisme de Coleridge à Hardy: Nature et Surnature. – by Denis Bonnecase, Grenoble, France 349
Geoffrey Lord, Postmodernism and Notions of National Difference: A Comparison of Postmodern Fiction in Britain and America. – by Robert Burden, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom 355
Stephen Prickett, Origins of Narrative: The Romantic Appropriations of the Bible. – by Kevin L. Cope, Baton Rouge 361
Dieter Wuttke, Dazwischen. Kulturwissenschaft auf Warburgs Spuren. – by H. Hammerschmidt-Hummel, Mainz, Germany 366
C.C. Barfoot, ed., Beyond Pug’s Tour. National and Ethnic Stereotyping in Theory and Literary Practice. – by Ansgar Nünning, Gießen, Germany 370
Sara Mills, Discourse, The New Critical Idiom Series. – by Laurenz Volkmann, Würzburg, Germany 376
Rikky Rooksby and Nicholas Shrimpton, eds., The Whole Music of Passion and Rikky Rooksby, A.C. Swinburne: A Poet’s Life. – by Klaus Stierstorfer, Würzburg, Germany 384

List of Contributors 395
Index 403



Volume II: Contents
Editors' Foreword xi


H. HAMMERSCHMIDT-HUMMEL, University of Mainz

Goethe and Shakespeare: Goethe's Visit at the Art Collection of Franz Ludwig von Kesselstatt in Mainz 3

TILO BLATT, University of Würzburg

Henry Vaughan's "Corruption": A new Source for Marvell's Mower? 17

KEVIN COPE, Louisiana State University

Cinematic Sacramentalism. William Cowper, Material Symbols, and the later Augustan Attempt to say everything 45


Thomas Carlyle's Haute Couture of (Self-) Translation 73

HEIDRUN-EDDA WEIKERT, Free University of Berlin

Pater's ‘Pagan and Christian Art and the Identity of European Culture’ in The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry 89


The Garden's Revenge: Cultural Schizophrenia in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness 133

CRISTINA GIORCELLI, University of Rome

Fitzgerald and Rawlings via Wharton 151

K. LUDWIG PFEIFFER, University of Siegen

The Heterogeneity of Culture, Or: Raymond Williams Revisited 179

FRANZ LINK, University of Freiburg

Dana Gioia: Critic and Poet of the New Formalism 207

HANS JOCHEN SANDER, University of Jena

Multiculturalism and Identity Formation in Hanif Kureishi's Novels 229

SUSANA ONEGA, University of Zaragoza

The Visionary Element in the Contemporary London Novel. The Case of Iain Sinclair and Peter Ackroyd 251


Narrating Symbollically: Hindu Religious Mythology in two Contemporary Southeast Asian Plays 283




Nowak, Helge. "Completeness is all." Fortsetzungen und andere Weiterführungen britischer Romane als Beispiel zeitübergreifender und interkultureller Rezeption. Sprache und Literatur. Regensburger Arbeiten zur Anglistik und Amerikanistik. – by Jana Gohrisch, Berlin, Germany 297
Platz, Norbert H., Birgit Fiddelke and Anne Unfried, eds. Sustaining the Earth: An Anthology of Green Poems in English. – by Sylvia Mayer, Münster, Germany 303
Aarts, Jan, Inge de Mönnink and Herman Wekker†, eds. Studies in English Language and Teaching. In Honour of Flor Aarts. – by Clausdirk Pollner, Leipzig, Germany 306
Clingham, Greg, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Samuel Johnson. – by Nicholas Hudson, Vancouver, Canada 317
Holland, Peter. English Shakespeares. Shakespeare on the English stage in the 1990s. – by Günter Walch, Berlin, Germany 325
Lang-Graumann, Christiane. Counting Ev'ry Grain: Das Motiv des Allerkleinsten in George Herberts The Temple. – by Kevin Cope, Baton Rouge, USA 330
Coelsch-Foisner, Sabine, Hanna Wallinger and Gerhild Reisner, eds. Daughters of Restlessness: Women's Literature at the End of the Millenium. – by Suzana Onega, Zaragoza, Spain 334
Fludernik, Monika, ed. Hybridity and Postcolonialism: Twentieth-Century Indian Literature. – by Aruna Pandey, Jaipur, India 346
Tumbleson, Raymond D. Catholicism in the English Protestant Imagination: Nationalism, Religion and Literature 1600-1745. – by Jens Zimmermann, Langley BC, Canada 355

List of Contributors 361
Stylesheet for Symbolism 369
Index 373



Volume III: Contents
Foreword from the Editors xi


H. BONHEIM, University of Cologne

Shakespeare and a Sociological Model 3

ANDREW PARKIN, Chinese University of Hong Kong Shakespeare: An Essential Study 25

 The Flea, the Sun and the Critic: A Communicational Approach to John Donne's Poetry 53

MICHEL ERMAN, University of Dijon

Le Personnage dans le Roman Français du 20e Siécle 71

FRANZ LINK, University of Freiburg

The Epic or Long Poem in Contemporary American Literature 87

 MONIKA FLUDERNIK, University of Freiburg

 The Prison as World – The World as Prison: Theoretical and Historical Aspects of two Recurrent Topoi 145

RENÉ GALLET, University of Caen

 Ted Hughes and the Tradition of Pessimism 191

GORDON BÖLLING, University of Cologne

 Metafiction in Michael Ondaatje's Historical Novel In the Skin of a Lion 215

ANNEGRET MAACK, University of Wuppertal

 The Challenge of Intertextuality: A. S. Byatt's “The Conjugial Angel” as a New In Memoriam 255

MARA CAMBIAGHI, University of Constance

 The Power of Fiction in A.S. Byatt's Babel Tower 279

VIOLETA DELGADO CRESPO, University of Zaragoza

 “Authentic Faking”: Metafictional Images of (Artistic) Creation in Peter Ackroyd's Chatterton and John Banville's Ghosts 305


David J. Baker, Between Nations: Shakespeare, Spenser, Marvell, and the Question of Britain. – by Gordon Bölling, Cologne, Germany 333

Stephen B. Dobranski and John P. Rumrich, eds., Milton and Heresy. – by Kevin Cope, Baton Rouge, USA 336
Eve Rachele Sanders, Gender and Literacy on Stage in Early Modern England. – by Roman Haak, Cologne, Germany 344
Dorothy Stephens, The Limits of Eroticism in Post-Petrarchan Narrative. Conditional Pleasure from Spenser to Marvell. – by Roy Booth, London, England 351
Anne Ferry, The Title to the Poem. – by Christoph Bode, Bamberg, Germany 356
Isabel Armstrong, The Radical Aesthetic. – by Michael Bell, Warwick, England 362


ANDREU, Cristina & GALLARDO, Pere (eds). Culture & Power: Phobias. Tarragona: Silva Editorial, 2004.This volume includes an edited selection of the papers presented at the 8th Culture & Power Conference: Phobias, held at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona in October 2002.The authors included in the volume are: Hodda El Sadda (Cairo, Egypt), María J. Coperías & Josep L. Gómez-Mompart (Valencia), Eduardo de Gregorio (Castilla-La Mancha), Martin Delvaux (Exeter, UK), Anna García Arroyo (Barcelona), María M. García Lorenzo (UNED), Rosa González (Barcelona), Jordi Lamarca (Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona), Camila Loew (Pompeu Fabra), Ana Isabel Lopes (Leiria, Portugal), Virginia Luzón (Zaragoza), Cindy Miller (Emerson College, USA), Elena Oliete (Zaragoza), Eva M. Pérez (Illes Balears), Bill Phillips (Barcelona), Alvaro Pina (Lisboa, Portugal), Mike Pritchard (Barcelona), José Saura (Murcia), Dagmar Scheu & Lucrecia García (Murcia), John Storey (Sunderland, UK), John Style (Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona), Justyna Szachowicz-Sempruch (British Columbia), Rubén Valdés (Oviedo), David Walton (Murcia).

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