Syllabus – Spanish 3 Western Christian High School – Señora Luna Prerequisites: Spanish 1, Spanish 2 Course Description

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Syllabus – Spanish 3

Western Christian High School – Señora Luna
Prerequisites: Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Course Description:

In level III Spanish, students continue to develop their proficiency in speaking, listening and writing: interacting with other speakers of Spanish; understanding oral and written messages in Spanish, and making oral and written presentations in the target language. Students communicate on a variety of topics using complex structures, moving from concrete to more abstract concepts. They comprehend the main ideas of authentic materials that they read and hear, and are able to identify significant details when the topics are familiar. Spanish is used almost exclusively in the class as students develop the ability to discuss topics related to historical and contemporary events and issues.


Upon completion of level III Spanish, students are expected to be prepared to confidently converse and understand persons from numerous Spanish-speaking environments. They will have developed the necessary confidence in their Spanish communicative ability to proficiently participate in informal, personal friendship exchanges and/or be able to assist in a more serious and formal situation, such as the role of an interpreter in an emergency occurrence. Pleasurable advantages will be derived from students’ ability to read Spanish language books, magazines, newspapers and informational materials such as transportation schedules and/or other consumer information, to attend lectures, movies, plays and to participate with friends in bilingual gatherings. Students will be able to effectively communicate with Spanish speaking individuals in the workplace, and subsequently when traveling to any of the many Latin American Countries where Spanish is the target language.


Evaluation in Spanish 3 will be based on five categories worth 20% each, as well as a final exam/project worth 20 percent of the grade as a whole. The five categories are as follows:

1. Homework

- 2 points daily for completed work

**coupon (won in class, review games, and my Tumblr site) – worth 1 homework

2. Tests & Quizzes

- tests given at the end of each chapter or theme

- quizzes given 1-2 times per week

- tests will be correctable for the average of first total and corrected total

3. Escritos

- 1 per week

- 20 pts each

- late = -50%

4. Proyectos

- 1 per chapter/theme

- ¡Sácale Cien! – due a week before the end of each quarter

5. Participación

- 10 pts per week for attendance y hablar español

Materials Required Daily:

  • blue or black pen/pencil

  • Workbook – Ven Conmigo Level 3

  • Spanish-English Dictionary

  • 3 ring binder/duotang

Materials Provided:

  • some Spanish-English Dictionaries

  • some Spanish Bibles

  • Textbook – Ven Conmigo Level 3

Classroom Procedures:

  • Attendance

  • Homework Check, Questions, and Review from the previous day

  • (Quiz)

  • Lesson

  • Work Time

Course Outline:

August 22 – September 30: La Coruña, España

Chapter 1: ¡Que bien lo pasee este verano!

– review present and preterite verbs

- review vocabulary dealing with hobbies, sports, and adjectives describing people

Chapter 2: Por una vida sana

- review informal commands, reflexive verbs, imperfect verb tense

- review vocabulary restaurants and food

October 1 – November 15: Caracas, Venezuela

Chapter 3: El ayer y la mañana

- present perfect, conversation fillers, future

- vocabulary technology and the workplace

Chapter 4: Alrededor de la mesa

- -ísimo, passive voice se…, por/para

- vocabulary – food and cooking

November 16 – January 7: Guadalajara, Mexico

Chapter 5: Nuestras leyendas

- expressing agreement/disagreement, reporting what other say/think

-vocabulary – indigenous peoples of Latin America

Chapter 6: El arte y la música

- new noun genders, subjunctive, expressing opinions, making suggestions

- vocabulary – art, music, cultural diversions

January 8 – February 21: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chapter 7: Dime con quién andas

- subjunctive with feelings, subjunctive with the unkown

- vocabulary – cultural holidays

Chapter 8: Los medios de comunicación

- expressing doubt and disbelief with subjunctive, por/para

- vocabulary – cultural – methods of communication

February 22 – April 7: Nueva York, Estados Unidos

Chapter 9: Las apariencias engañan

- preterite for emotional reactions, subjunctive with disagreement/denial, conditional

- vocabulary – talking about accomplishments

Chapter 10: La riqueza cultural

- subjunctive for future plans, cause & effect, para que

- vocabulary – cultural literature, art, theatre, activities

April 8 – May 31: Costa Rica

Chapter 11: El mundo en que vivimos

- passive se, past subjunctive in hypothetical situations

- vocabulary – political, how to make the world a better place, care for environment

Chapter 12: Mis planes para el futuro

- preterite/imperfect review,future review, subjunctive with recommendations/unknown, conditional

- vocabulary – careers and career plans

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