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My first encounter with Simeon Gonzales’s artwork was in a beautiful house of Mr. Leon Isaac Beer in San Isidro Lima, Peru back in year 2000. I still cannot imagine how someone who has no interest at all in arts would love painting. But that’s me, I was introduced to Simeon’s painting and from there on I started to learn how to appreciate paintings.

One of Simeon’s painting which I admire most is Quatro Suyos. Like in the Shamanic legends, when sensitive persons touch their foreheads to the stone, the Intihuatana opens one's vision to the spirit world; the same feeling goes with the Quatro Suyos. This kind of work is very meditative; I would love to sit in front of it for a long time. He certainly managed to give his subjects liveliness and naturalism.

For me, the power of Simeon's work lies in his abilities to translate and blend the unique of his own culture with the mundane. As a painter he has the ability to see the objects he collects in their purest form that is the shape and color. Simeon for me is an interpreter of Inca culture, who helps people to understand it better. By looking at his artworks, I have a feeling of archaeology.

As a friend and admirer, I wish Simeon all the best and I do believe that he is on the right path to become a great artist in the future.


Hiroshima, Japan

27 July, 2008

“Simeón es un digno embajador del Perú y de su querido Cuzco natal. Desde que nos conocimos en Lima hace mas de una década, sus pinturas me han acompañado por varios países donde he vivido; Suiza, Ecuador, Austria, España y los EE.UU. La obra abstracta caracteriza a este joven artista y siempre fascina por sus distintas temáticas y colores, entendiéndose la pintura como un medio de expresión que refleja su forma de ver la vida mediante las composiciones que realiza.

(Ronald A. Silbermann - Miami, FL. Julio 2008)”.


Simeón González Ayquipa is a star in the horizon of painting that projects himself into universality.

Born in Cusco, Peru in the year 1973. Orphaned as a young boy early in his life, he found comfort, relief, hope, and love through his precious paintings. As a grown man, he has grown into a prodigy of art, an artist who has won merits, honorific mentions medals and diplomas for his work.

His life is the fulfillment of a fantastic dream, his achievements the rewards of a lifetime of effort. From his humble beginnings as a precocious young artist on the streets, to a student of Bellas Artes, to a celebrated artist whose famous paintings are exhibited throughout his native Peru, to Asia, America, Canada, and Europe.

Looking upon his paintings, two words are most likely to come to mind: 'Vibrant!' and 'Universal!' His work defies the boundaries of culture and the limitations of time. They are expressions of passion and emotion, embodied as art through texture, form and color - A wellspring of aesthetics that sings to the human spirit.

What distinguishes his work from others, however, is the exuberant chromatism of tonalities, which are energetic and confident, contrasting yet harmonious. He changes from a new way of depicting to a suggestive and pleasant abstract. Shapes acquire smooth aesthetic verticality and blended qualities. Ever-changing, innovative, bold, and curious, each of his works is a delight to behold..

He uses a rich, varied and abundant palette, and with his expressive brushes he transports the oils to the canvas in such textures and combinations that they form plethoric volumes of qualities. No two works are the same. Each one is stunning! Each one is audacious!

As one critic has put it "Simeón González's work is a great contribution to abstract expressionism, his innovations are so overwhelming in regard of colour, giving to his work improvisation and non-mediate composition. It is a colourful work in which he uses a spontaneous treatment in the chromatic masses as in the gestural traces. It is a work of great pictorial intensity, in which he works with the overlapping of gesture and colour to develop a fluent dialogue between process and contemplation."

Simeón González's work will be on display in Malaysia at the Elle Six art gallery from the 19th of July 2004 to the 30th of July 2004.



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