Mobile Solutions for Healthcare Delivery in Argentine

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Mobile Solutions for Healthcare Delivery in Argentine
P. P. Escobar1, M. Santiago2, M. Del Fresno3, J. Massa4

1 INTELyMEC, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad Nacional del Centro, Argentina, 2IFAS, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Universidad Nacional del Centro, Argentina, 3PLADEMA-ISISTAN, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Universidad Nacional del Centro, Argentina, 4 INTIA, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Universidad Nacional del Centro, Argentina,
In Argentina, the most of the health institutions face the serious problem of a always increasing demand of services, without real possibilities to extend their infrastructure nor the human resources to adapt to these needs. This leads to the saturation of the hospitals services, increasing the costs for the institution and reducing the quality of the medical attention because of the collapse of the system.

The high penetration of Internet and the mobile technologies in the country have allowed us to implement successfully telemedicine applications based on SMS/MMS, of low cost and huge social impact. These applications were developed in the university in collaboration with health centers, aiming to reducing the flow of patients, the times of hospitalization and permanence; and the optimization of the visits to the specialist, by means of a supervision and effective remote monitoring of patients.

By means of web-based applications and taking advantage of networks GPS/GPRS, a home care control system for patients with chronic diseases was implemented, like diabetes, arterial hypertension, coronary and respiratory diseases, control of obesity, pregnancies and others. In addition a system for the management of turns was implemented, solving this way the common needs to the majority of institutions.

First results have demonstrated the effectiveness of the solutions; both specialists and patients are satisfied with them. By now we are adding new features to the applications in order to improve home care by incorporating intelligent monitoring, adding advanced signals processing for automatic pathologies recognition by means of neuronal networks and rule-based expert systems for aiding in the decision making. Also data encryption; data compression by means of wavelets; and GPS for location of the patient will be added.

These solutions constitute a first step to reach the future of the medical attention incorporating the concepts of ambience intelligence, health domotics and continuous monitoring, attempting to decrease technological gap with advanced countries.
Keywords: home care, mobile phones services, chronic diseases management, remote monitoring

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