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Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe

Maintenance and Implementation Work Programme for the INSPIRE Directive for the period
from 2017 – 2020 (MIWP 2017)

Working title: “Taking the implementation into the home stretch”


Revised draft for MIG-P1 endorsement.




28/10/2016 / FINAL DRAFT / version 3.0


MIG-P (for approval)




Following the discussion and provisional agreement on the MIWP at the last meeting of the MIG-P in June 2016, a revised version 2.2 of the paper was circulated on 14 July 2016 and another round of commenting was agreed with a deadline for comments of 15 October, Comments were received by BE, CZ, DE, DK, FR, NL, PT and SE.

Some important general comments were, in particular, that:

- the results of the REFIT documents should be reflected,

- some of the figures can be interpreted in different ways.

- editorial simplification and clarifications.

These and the specific comments have been addressed to the extent possible. In addition, some adaptations were made to the document in the light of the ongoing work on the "fitness-for-purpose" review. This also resulted in amendments to action 2016.1 in order to adapt the timelimes.

There were also comments on introducing new actions or maintaining actions from the previous work programme. These have not been included in this draft since there needs to be a completed action template prepared for the MIG-P in order to allow a discussion and decision. Some "new" actions will be presented separately by the COM/EEA Coordination Team (e.g. the list of priority dataset action). However, Member States are encouraged to prepare or, at least, initiate the preparation of such fiches. Moreover, there is a question of capacity since quite a number of activities are already ongoing at there is a stretch on resources. All these ideas for new actions will be discussed at the MIG-P but under a separate agenda item.

This document is now presented for final endorsement at the MIG-P meeting. If new, additional actions are decided at the same meeting, the will be added accordingly (see above).

Should any MIG-P member have any final comments or reservations in approving the document as it is, the Cheir of the MIG-P must be notified in writing by 25 November 2016.

Requested actions:

The members of the MIG-P are invited to:

  • Endorse the MIWP 2017-2020 in the next MIG-P.

Conclusions (for the minutes of the 4th MIG-P meeting):

  • The MIG-P had an exchange of views on the new MIWP as proposed and welcomed the fact that this preparation took place in a consultative way.

  • However, it was noted that a final agreement on the long-term work programme was not possible yet because the Commission had not published its implementation report and REFIT evaluation which are a major driving force for developing this new MIWP. It was agreed that Member States should have a chance to analyse the Commission's documents, once available, and verify whether they translate well in the new collaborative work programme.

  • Hence, the MIG-P endorsed the MIWP only on a provisional basis as a basis for work for the remainder of 2016. During its next meeting (foreseen for December 2016), the MIG-P will review, and if necessary, revise, refine and further develop this MIWP (including its annexes) with the view to ensure that it provides the most up to date planning for the collaboration under the MIF for 2017 and beyond. It will take account also of the progress and the further discussions to take place under the proposed actions so as to further develop or direct them.

  • In order to allow for a proper preparation of the next meeting so that the MIWP can be fully endorsed, MIG-P members are invited to send written comments (preferably in track changes) by 15 October 2016 (provided that the Commission report and REFIT evaluation are published in July). Should MIG-P members not react in any way in writing, it is assumed that they can endorse the current document without discussion. This applies in particular for the main part.

  • As far as the actions in annex 1 are concerned, it is envisaged to update the enclosed actions in the light of progress and with the view of defining the tasks for 2017 and beyond. Moreover, additional actions may be included or, actions discontinued, if the MIG-P decides so.

Towards a Maintenance and Implementation Work Programme for the INSPIRE Directive for the period from 2017 – 2020 (MIWP 2017)

Working title: “Taking the implementation into the home stretch”

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