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The rugby is a team sport played with15 players in each team. To score a goal the player need to rest the ball in the adversary in goal.


Rugby had been played since 1823 when William Webb Elis picked up the ball and ran with it to the opposite goal scoring goal. Although this isn´t known with certainty, it was considered the first fact of modern rugby by the international rugby board.

Laws history

Rules of Rugby were written by three students of Rugby school (William Delafield Arnold, W.W. Shirley, y Frederick Hutchins) on 25th August 1845.They give in to thirty-seven rules to the Sixth Levee, they were directly printed. The rules were modernized frequently.

Different types of rugby

fifteen rugby: is played with 15 players in each team. It has 2 periods of 40 minutes and 1 interval of 15 minutes.

Sevens rugby: is played with 7 players in each has 2 periods of 7 minutes and an interval of 2 minutes. It is the only rugby type which is an Olympic game.

Rugby league: it is played with 13 played in each has 2 periods of 40 minutes and an interval of 15 minutes.


I chose rugby because I like it very much and I have played it since I was 4 years old. If I had to recommend you a sport it would be rugby because it have much health benefits, you can also make a lot of friends and have unforgettable anecdotes.

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