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Juan E. Trinidad Segovia

Departamento de Dirección y Gestión de Empresas

University of Almería (Spain)


Salvador Cruz Rambaud

Departamento de Dirección y Gestión de Empresas

University of Almería (Spain)



The instructions presented in this document try to be a guide to write the papers that are going to be presented in the XXXV meeting of the EWGFM. The aim of the organizers is to realize a final book or CD with all the submitted works, so the presentation of all the papers must be as uniform as possible.

We would like to request the collaboration of all the authors in order to adapt their contributions with this publication rules.

Key-words: Instructions, authors, rules ,abstract.
    1. 1. Introduction.

With the aim to obtain an appropriate presentation of all the papers that will be presented in the XXXV Meeting of the EWGFM, we are going to indicate some instructions for the authors:

FORMAT: Contributions must be submitted by e-mail preferably in LATEX and, if it is not possible, in WORD format.

EXTENSION: The paper has to be not longer than 30 pages.


First page must include:

Title (16 cpi, in Bold)

Author/s (12 cpi, in Bold)

Department (12 cpi, normal)

Institution / University (12 cpi, normal)

e-mail (12 cpi, normal)

Abstract (12 cpi, in Bold) (maximum100 words, 10 cpi)

Key-words (10 cpi, italics) (maximum 4 words, 10 cpi)

The second and the following pages must include the text developed and the paragraphs correlatively numbered in bold.

References: See the end of this document.

Numeral: All pages, except the first one, must be numbered in the centre of the lower part.

Main Text: Times New Roman, 12 cpi and 1.5 spaced.

Paragraph Format: Back and front spaced must be 6 cpi.

    1. References

1. Aczél, J. (1987): A Short Course on Functional Equations. Reidel, Dordrech.

2. Clark, S. A. (1993): “The Valuation Problem in Arbitrage Price Theory”. Journal of Mathematical Economics , 22, pp. 463-478.

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