Effect of luminance on photopic visual acuity in the presence of laser speckle

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Effect of luminance on photopic visual acuity in the presence of laser speckle

  • José M. Artigas and Adelina Felipe

  • J Opt Soc Am A, Vol. 5, Iss. 10, pp. 1767–1771 (1988)

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Contrast sensitivity of the visual system in speckle imagery

  • J. M. Artigas, A. Felipe, and M. J. Buades

  • J Opt Soc Am A, Vol. 11, Iss. 9, pp. 2345–2349 (1994)

  • Abstract | Full Text: PDF (661 KB)

Human contrast sensitivity in coherent Maxwellian view:effect of coherent noise and comparison with speckle

  • A. Felipe, J. M. Artigas, A. M. Pons, and M. J. Buades

  • J Opt Soc Am A, Vol. 14, Iss. 5, pp. 972–983 (1997)

  • Abstract | Full Text: PDF (652 KB)


Influence of the contrast sensitivity function on the reaction time

  • Adelina Felipe, Manuel J. Buades, Jose´M. Artigas

  • Vision Research, Vol. 33, Iss. 17, pp. 2461-2466 (1993)

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Influence of contrast on the recognition of defocused letters: a geometrical model

  • C. Illueca, P. Capilla, A.M. Pons, M.M. Segui, J.M. Artigas

  • Vision Research, Vol. 35, Iss. 15, pp. 2127-2135 (1995)

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Effect of Color on Contrast Sensitivity with Two Different Accommodative Stimuli

         Capilla, P; Felipe, A; Pons, A; Artigas, JM

         Optometry & Vision Science. 70(1): 24-29, January (1993).


On the intrinsic two-dimensionality of the CSF and its measurement
J Malo, A Felipe, M J Luque and J M Artigas

J of Optics, Vol. 25, Iss. 3, pp. 93-103 (1994)

Abstract  |  References  |  Citing articles

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A statistical explanation of the effect of luminance on photopic visual acuity of speckled images
M J Buades, J M Artigas, A Felipe and J Malo

J of Optics, Vol. 26, Iss. 4, pp. 175-176 (1995)

Abstract  |  References

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Visual Reaction-time versus Action-Time

F.W. Campbell, J.M. Artigas and A. Felipe

Ophthal Physiol. Opt. Vol. 8, pp. 60-62 (1988)


Sequential visual Reaction-Times

J.M. Artigas, A. Felipe and F.W. Campbell

Ophthal Physiol. Opt. Vol. 8, pp. 63-66 (1988)


The effect of colour on contrast sensitivity with two different accomodative stimulus

P. Capilla, A. Felipe, A. Pons & J.M. Artigas

Optom.& Vision Sci  Vol. 70  pp. 22-29  (1993)


Lightness contrast in a chromatic center-achromatic suround configuration

M.J. Luque, P. Capilla , A. Felipe & J.M. Artigas

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Influence of the type of illumination on the measurement of the MTF in the living human eye: a theoretical study

A. Lorente, JM Artigas, A. Felipe, AM Pons & J. Gómez

J. of Modern Opt.  Vol. 46    pp. 1079-1090                 (1999)


Influence of the luminance spatial non-homogeneities of a display monitor on the Contrast Sensitivity Function determination

V Viqueira, C Illueca AM Pons & JM Artigas

Displays Journal   Vol. 20   pp. 65-71    (1999) 


Fresnel difraction in a theoretical eye: a fractional Fourier transform approach

AM Pons, A Lorente, C Illueca, D Mas & JM Artigas

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Influence of the gaze-stabilizing eye movements on the quality of the retinal image of the human eye

AM Pons, A Lorente, C Illueca, JM Artigas & A Felipe

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Refractive analysis of the human cornea through propagated fields

C Illueca, D Mas, J Pérez, AM Pons & JM Artigas

J. Modern Opt.   Vol. 48     pp. 811-829       (2001)






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