Common Core 5th grade Thematic Unit Title

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Common Core Integrated Thematic Unit Plan

Common Core 5th grade Thematic Unit Title:

Más allá del Sistema solar

NGSS Guiding Question/Big Idea:

¿Cuál es el lugar de la Tierra en el universo?

Content Area Standards:


RI 5.1 – quote accurately from a text

RI 5.2 – determine two or more main ideas

RI 5.3 – explain the relationships or interactions between two or more individuals, events, ideas or concepts

RI 5.4 – determine the meaning of general academic language

RI 5.5 – compare and contrast the overall structure of events, ideas, concepts, or information in two or more texts

RI 5.6 – analyze multiple accounts of the same event

RI 5.7 – draw on information from multiple print or digital sources

RI 5.8 – explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support particular points in a text

RI 5.9 – integrate information from several texts on the same topic

W.5.2 – write informative/explanatory texts

W 5.3 – write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events

SL 5.1 – engage in a range of collaborative discussions

FRP 5.d – Hiatos

NC 5.k – Verbos irregulares


NGSS 5-ESS1-2 Earth's Place in the Universe: represent data in graphical displays to reveal patterns of daily change of shadows, day and night, and the seasonal appearances of some stars

NGSS 5- ESS2-1 Earth's Systems: develop a model using an example to describe ways the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and/or the atmosphere interact

Students utilize charts and graphs to analyze and interpret data


W.3.6 Students utilize Word to publish documents

W.6, W.10 Use a variety of age‐appropriate technologies (e.g. drawing program, presentation software) to communicate and exchange ideas

Students create and interpret their version of a forgotten planet

1.2 Identify and describe characteristics of representational, abstract, and nonrepresentational works of art

Student Objectives (I will be able to….):

  • Understand the Earth’s place in the universe

  • Understand different patterns (shadows, seasons, day/night)

  • Know that there are many objects beyond our known solar system


Academic / Content Vocabulary:

Teoría, patrones, planetas, estrellas, universo, sistema solar, órbita, orbitar, espacio exterior, geósfera, biósfera, hidrósfera, atmósfera

English Language Vocabulary:

Cognates, Greek and Latin roots: bio-, atmos-, sol-, hydro-, terra-, exo-, tele-, orb-

Spanish Language Vocabulary:

Hiato, verbo irregular

Sentence Frames:


Había una vez, en una galaxia muy lejana…

El lugar de la Tierra en el universo ______.

Un patrón que puedo observar ______.

Un patrón que se puede medir es _____.


Informational Texts

  • Narrative writing

  • El espacio

  • Fuera del Sistema solar -Science A_Z Books

  • Short answer responses


(poems, chants, charts)


  • Input charts

  • Vocabulary chart

  • KWL chart

  • Brainpop videos: sistema solar, espacio exterior, gravedad

  • Science Penguin: NGSS Science units

Suggested Activities With Differentiation

Extension Activities:

  • Close reading of informative text

  • Cornell notes for videos

  • Students develop Power Point presentations

Culminating Projects

  • Write a descriptive narrative about a forgotten planet

  • Forgotten planet art project

  • Students create a comic strip to demonstrate their knowledge of the core text vocabulary

Formative and/or Summative Assessments

  • End of unit multiple choice assessment of core text

  • Student Science journals

Reflection / Modifications

Credit to Mrs. Maria Harris and Mrs. Katherine Schrum for the development of this unit.

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