Abstract: The search for meaning is a megatrend of the 21st Century and the foundation of authentic leadership

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"The search for meaning is a megatrend of the 21st Century and the foundation of authentic leadership.  For those responsible for managing the public's business, leading with and to meaning are the building blocks of good government and excellence in public administration."  The professional literature in public administration is beginning to recognize the importance of rediscovering the soul of government and reawakening the spirit of public administration.  In this regard, the spirit of public administration demands public servants who are driven by the search for meaning and who seek a noble calling through government service.  It is the role and responsibility of public sector leadership to support them in the quest.  In this inspirational keynote, learn how and why the search for meaning in work and life drives engagement among employees, customers, and the public sector's broadly-defined community of stakeholders.  Learn also how, by leading with and to meaning, public administrators are best able to convert the power of meaning-full engagement into results that truly matter--"innovation with meaning."     

    Autor del libro "En busca del sentido. Los principios de Viktor Frankl

aplicados al mundo del trabajo"
En busca del sentido es una megatendencia del siglo XXI y el fundamento para
un liderazgo auténtico. Para los responsables de gestionar en el sector
público, la dirección con y hacia el sentido son la base del buen gobierno y
la excelencia en la administración pública.

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